DC's Child and Family Services Agency will use artificial intelligence to support child protection programs

DC’s Child and Family Services Agency will use artificial intelligence to support child protection programs

WASHINGTON, DC AND SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) today announced that it has committed to using Lyssn’s unique artificial intelligence platform to expand the use of motivational interviewing in the programs it offers and finances. The platform provides the agency with an affordable and easy-to-scale way to deliver motivational interviewing training, provide immediate feedback to users, and offer detailed reporting, including reports specifically focused on equity issues.

Strengthening motivational interviewing skills is part of CASA’s overall commitment to expand the use of evidence-based practices in its programs, including those funded by the Family First Prevention Services Act. The Family First Act provides significant new funding for preventive services, with a requirement to use evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing.

“At CASA, we recognize the potential of artificial intelligence and believe it will have the greatest impact when it is tailored to the needs of our staff and those we serve,” said Robert L. Matthews , director of the DC Child and Family Services Agency. “Integrating technology into our practice supports and empowers social workers and community partners in their work and creates ongoing opportunities to hone their motivational interviewing skills when engaging families. As we continue our intentional shift toward the well-being of children and families, we are committed to innovating to shape the future of child welfare practice in the District.

Lyssn’s AI platform is built on the largest database of therapeutic interactions of its kind. It offers the most effective form of training: instruction, followed by practice, followed by direct feedback. While most programs only offer instruction, Lyssn AI gives clinicians and others the opportunity to practice their skills and then receive guidance on how to improve. Additionally, the Lyssn AI platform allows for comprehensive measurement and reporting of not just participation but actual skill improvement, as well as comprehensive equity reporting to all population groups served. by CASA.

Lyssn CEO David Atkins, Ph.D., notes that child protective services are a key part of the company’s DNA. “We have consciously and continuously worked with a wide range of community and child welfare agencies since the early days of our research at Lyssn,” Atkins noted. “We want every child and every family to have access to the best possible support, which was also our motivation for creating a training tool – we understand that training is an ongoing function in child protection and we wanted to have something something available that makes it simple and economical to do this.

Among the first child protection agencies to use Lyssn’s training tools, the CFSA represents a growing number of jurisdictions using Lyssn to support Family First programs. Lyssn currently supports two state-level Title IV-E prevention plans with its Quality Improvement Platform, evaluating records to assess the use of evidence-based practices in real-world interactions with families.

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The DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) is the District of Columbia’s public child welfare agency responsible for improving the safety, permanency, and well-being of abused and neglected children in the District of Columbia and to strengthen their families. For more information about CFSA, visit https://cfsa.dc.gov/ And follow CFSA on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Lyss

Lyssn offers the only clinically validated AI platform capable of accurately evaluating the use of evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. With over 54 metrics on everything from expressed empathy to open questions to engagement and more, Lyssn’s AI can help practitioners of all kinds hone their skills, while enabling organizations to better support staff and programs as a whole to improve patient/client engagement and outcomes. . Rooted in more than a decade of scientific research, Lyssn’s technology has been validated in more than 50 peer-reviewed academic publications and is used in clinical, social service, academic, and population health settings across the United States. USA and UK. For more information about Lyssn, visit www.lyssn.io. And follow Lyssn on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @lyssn.io.

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