Brightline Interactive to Power an Immersive Embedded Technology Demonstration in Collaboration with AT&T

Brightline Interactive to Power an Immersive Embedded Technology Demonstration in Collaboration with AT&T

Will be deployed at I/ITSEC, the largest training and simulation show in the United States

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/November 10, 2022/ Brightline Interactive (“BLI”), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, Inc. (“Glimpse”) (NASDAQ: VRAR)(FSE: 9DR), and a leader in spatial computing, deep technology and of 5G integration, powering and connecting its immersive technologies in collaboration with AT&T for an integrated technology demonstration at I/ITSEC (November 28 – December 2, 2022,, the largest training and simulation fair in the United States.

This will be the first instance where two fully rollable NOVA Simulator Domes (from Eight360) and an additional Mixed Reality (MR) user are connected via AT&T’s 5G network, resulting in super-fast data throughput, resulting in minimal delay in visual presentation, thus enabling complex and realistic multi-user training in a fully immersive environment. AT&T has integrated a temporary 5G network inside Brightline’s immersive lab for application testing, staging, and metrics capture in preparation for the I/ITSEC show.

Tyler Gates, Managing Director of BLI and Chief Futurist of Glimpse, said, “The future of computed information and data (content) is cloud-based and will be transported at unprecedented speeds delivered by network infrastructure such as mmWave 5G from AT&T. By replacing on-site computer processors (including in VR and AR headsets in the future) with cloud enablement, a new industry platform is being created with the creation and le no-code cloud deployment at the edge. Over time, this should transform the way companies compute, understand and use content, enabling, among other things, fundamental and powerful immersive experiences at the enterprise level.”

About Brightline Interactive

Brightline Interactive is a leader in spatial computing, deep technology and 5G integration. He designs, builds, integrates and supports immersive and interactive experiences, training scenarios and simulations for government and commercial clients. Brightline serves as architects for these solutions, as well as large-scale system developers and integrators. Brightline implements a layered production and business development approach to partnerships, scale growth, and data virtualization. For more information about Brightline Interactive, please visit

About The Glimpse Group, Inc.

The Glimpse Group (NASDAQ: VRAR, FSE: 9DR) is a diversified virtual and augmented reality platform company, comprised of multiple VR and AR software and services companies, and built for the specific purpose of cultivating businesses in the emerging VR/AR industry. Glimpse’s unique business model simplifies the challenges faced by VR/AR companies and creates a robust ecosystem, while simultaneously providing investors with the opportunity to invest directly in the emerging VR/AR industry through a diverse platform . For more information about The Glimpse Group, please visit

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The Glimpse Group, Inc.

The Glimpse Group, Inc.

BLI contact:

Tyler Gates
Managing Director, Brightline Interactive
Chief Futurist, The Glimpse Group

Overview contact:

Maidan Rothblum
The Glimpse Group, Inc.

Investor Relations:

Mark Schwalenberg, CFA
MZ Group – North America

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