Immerse yourself in the world of sound meditation virtually with Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse

Immerse yourself in the world of sound meditation virtually with Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse

This is the age of digitization and with this trend emerging rapidly, there has been an emergence of Web 3.0 under which Blockchain technology, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, DeFi, Digital Assets, DAOs, Decentralized Apps, Metaverse, Cryptocurrency and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), etc., are falling. These things have created a breakthrough all over the world and India is no exception. There is no doubt that these emerging technologies can be a game changer in the future and understanding this, Advait Danke, a DJ and musician turned spiritual catalyst and sound alchemist, has officially launched ‘Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse’, a Metaverse platform which aims to digitally spread the light of consciousness by activating sound, music and meditation technology in this chaotic and busy lifestyle.

Advait Danke’s Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse is a one-of-a-kind Metaverse platform, often referred to as Soundverse, launched in India that takes the user on a never-before-seen audio-visual experience of impactful sound meditation. Launched in early October 2022 and co-developed by the team at Wow Labz, Xarvel and Metawood, Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse features built-in blockchain technology – “The Sounds of Universe” which is an NFT sustainable audio collection (created by Advait Danke ) based on music science and brainwave technology. The platform has many unique and exciting features that make the user yearn for more and spend time on the metaverse. The meticulously selected visuals are aesthetically pleasing and take you on a quiet yet intriguing ride to discover yourself and awaken your inner awareness.

To provide users with a hassle-free experience, Advait has made sure that the Metaverse has no connection issues, and additionally, no subscription fees are charged; free access to all. The newly launched metaverse is easy to navigate and user-friendly and can be accessed through mobiles, laptops and desktops through the space app. Taking things to the next level and with the aim of providing users with an aesthetic experience, the platform also allows them to customize their avatars with a wide range of options to choose from. The journey to discover themselves on the platform begins with the user landing on the “Hall of Induction” where users are first introduced with Advait Danke, the founder of the platform, and his struggles and achievements are highlighted. As the user progresses, they learn about various aspects of sound, such as the origin of sound since ancient times, the plethora of instruments used to create a sound therapy experience, and visuals explaining how sound and music are integrated with spirituality and meditation. to awaken your inner consciousness.

One of the many exciting features of Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse is that not only is the entire journey and visuals one can witness while experiencing the platform, but the artifacts that are placed within the Metaverse are also intelligently selected that resonate with the whole concept. From a dancing Nataraj to a Buddha statue, each artifact resembles a particular aspect of the diverse world of sound and vibration therapy, spirituality, meditation, and cosmic energy. Moreover, the recently launched platform also offers a plethora of meditations such as sounds of silence, which create the sounds of singing bowls; the sound of the mystical gong creating the sounds of the gongs; and the sweet sounds of serenity, creating chiming sounds. Not only self-discovery, but once a user has successfully completed the journey on the platform, they are also open to the possibility of entering another segment known as the “Sound Meditation Hall/ Nada Mandir” in which he can witness live kind of life experience of Sound Meditation. The meditation room is designed in a circular format as the circle also represents the concept – where things begin, at that point they end, giving the user nothing but an experience of infinite cosmic energy. User can sit and meditate while playing different sound playlists.

Speaking behind the holistic idea of ​​launching Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse, Advait Danke, the founder of the platform said, “It is in broad daylight that we humans live in a very chaotic and stressful world where we seek inner peace and silence. Having been a DJ and sound engineer in the past, I understand the importance of sound and music in human life. After a thorough and comprehensive study, I realized that in our ancient times, through the science of sound vibrations, we could awaken our inner consciousness, balance our body-mind system and dive into the fascinating world of spirituality. However, it might not excite the current generation if done as it was practiced in the past. However, if we incorporate emerging technologies into this ancient science, it could be a game-changer and is what led me to create Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse. Through this platform, I envision providing people with a plethora of benefits such as stress reduction, productivity enhancement, detox and spiritual growth by incorporating sound vibration, meditation and spirituality in the virtual and immersive world of Metaverse.

Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse, since its launch, has received unprecedented support and appreciation from people around the world and Advait Danke leaves no stone unturned in improving and bringing new features to the platform. In the coming months, Advait is also working on creating a third segment where users can enter a library environment on the platform and learn more about spirituality, different cultures and philosophies around the spirituality, and explore different forms of yoga, meditation, esotericism. and natural sciences. Young entrepreneur, Advait Danke, who has been a DJ, sound engineer, spiritual catalyst and sound alchemist, is well on his way to bringing peace to people’s lives in an exciting digital way that is hard to resist. .

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