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Xiaomi founding member and founders of Bounce Infinity and Jar App invest Rs. 3 cr in funding round of Selligion Technologies, maker of the world’s first consumer cloud computer

  • The company built the world’s first cloud-based, direct-to-consumer computer.
  • With its unique subscription model, the start-up aims to bring uncompromising and affordable computers to millions of Indians, starting with first-stage students.

Selligion conceptualized, designed and developed the world’s first consumer cloud computer and set out to reinvent computing for India by creating a cloud-based hardware and software ecosystem that can deliver powerful computing to every Indian for Rs. 399 per month or less. The team is currently piloting the world’s first cloud-based computer it has built with real customers and will open a variant of their computer for sale to customers across the country before the end of the year.

Bounce Infinity CEO Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO of Jar App Nischay AG, Alvin Tse, founding team member of Xiaomi Global with seasoned investor and founder of Amarante Shipping Captain Prashant Priya participated in the selection round invest Rs. 3 crore in Selligion Technologies Private Limited. The funds will be used to create a scalable cloud-based software ecosystem for future deployment while distributing a variant of the computer to a significant number of students on a monthly subscription model.

“On the one hand, there is a future where almost all business and work opportunities will be either technology-based or technology-based and, on the other hand, data suggests that less than 10 to 15% of Indian households own a computer. We recognize the reasons for this gap and are reimagining IT for India by creating a cloud-based ecosystem and an easy-to-access delivery model. The seed fund we have acquired will help us scale faster and enable every student in India to access the opportunities that come with access to powerful computers,” said Yoshita Sengupta, Co-Founder and COO, Selligion Technologies.

“We see the potential impact that the technology built by Selligion can have on future generations, the economy and the technology infrastructure in India. We believe in the intent of the team and are happy to support them,” said Vivekananda Hallekere, co-founder and CEO of Bounce.

Selligion Technologies is Co-founded by Naman Chakraborty (CEO), Yoshita Sengupta (COO), Joby John (CTO) and Puneet Raheja (Head of Web Experience & Data).

History of the founders

Naman’s first start-up, Arohan, at the age of 19, was backed by the Department of Science and Technology, the Government of India and the World Bank. A graduate in computer science and engineering, Naman built his career in digital advertising by co-founding Coffee Digital, 4nought4 Digital, a boutique start-up Digital Television Analytics – Goonjlabs and being part of the founding team of Every Media India.

Puneet is a self-taught programmer and co-founded a number of successful influencer marketing and digital content marketing start-ups in 2014. He has worked with the 120 Media Collective and as Head of Growth for Supari Studios. In 2021, he built an advanced AI-powered platform that helps writers, researchers, and journalists research faster and with more context and historical data.

Joby graduated from Park University (Parkville, Missouri) with a bachelor’s degree in information and computer science in 2010. In 2012, he worked as a co-founder of an edtech company named Parent University. He has worked as a software engineer with companies in the US and India including Orbitz, LimeTray, GetMyParking and Bridge Impact.

Yoshita is an alumnus of Sophia College in Mumbai, the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai and Cardiff University in the UK. She has worked with mainstream publications like DNA, Midday and Zee and with video content platforms at LeEco and The 120 Media Collective. She founded Underscore, a Mumbai-based content agency and co-founded an AI-based search platform Groundwrk with Puneet.

About Selligion

Selligion Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2020. It conceptualized, designed and developed Praho, the first direct-to-consumer cloud-based hybrid computer. Selligion is on a mission to enable every Indian to have access to uncompromising and affordable computers and the opportunities that come with it. Praho will initially be made available to Indian students for Rs. 399 or less to enable them to study, learn, browse, code, create and become contributing members of India’s technological revolution at the ‘coming.

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