H2O.ai Announces Updates at H2O Global Conference

H2O.ai Announces Updates at H2O Global Conference

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and SYDNEY, November 14, 2022 – H2O.ai, a leader in Cloud AI, today announced a series of product enhancements designed to further democratize artificial intelligence by improving the ability of analysts not techniques to use powerful business tools. award-winning technology with structured and unstructured data, like Document AI, Hydrogen Torch and autoML.

The updates were announced at H2O World, the company’s first conference in Australia. The event took place at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s head office in Sydney. Thousands of viewers joined the conference online. The event also marks the largest Kaggle Grand Masters (KGM) gathering in Australia. Kaggle is an international arena for data scientists competing to solve complex data problems – H2O.ai is home to over 30 KGMs, widely recognized as the world’s top data scientists, meeting in Sydney to elevate and inspire the transformation of AI across the country, as noted by Sri Ambati, CEO and Founder of H2O.ai last year.

The event featured world-class speakers including:

  • matt cominCEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, participated in a dynamic fireside chat with Ambati.
  • Dr. Andrew McMullanChief Data and Analytics Officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Dan JeremiahChief Decision Scientist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Sonal SuranaManaging Director, CommBank.ai
  • Edward Santowprofessor at UTS, co-director of the Human Technology Institute, former Australian Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Junko YamashitaDigital Strategy Headquarters Global Application and Data Management Center, Yokogawa
  • Ask Berger-Wolfdirector, co-founder and director, AI for conservation nonprofit Wild Me
  • Additional partners from Dell, Accenture, McKinsey, Snowflake and SimplyAI

H2O.ai announced the launch of The Driverless AI Wizard, an interactive tool designed to help both citizen data scientists and power users maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their AI models. The wizard is a key part of democratizing the H2O.ai platform by reviewing data and recommending next steps a user can take. One of the main goals of the wizard is to help users avoid common pitfalls and use best practices used by experts to make the right choices when modeling to reduce the risk of inaccurate or incorrect models. . The educational component of the assistant is designed to help people who don’t typically work in machine learning understand key data science concepts and discover insights.

The wizard is designed to help four specific types of roles and users: data scientists, data engineers, business analysts, and domain experts. Safeguards ensure that even non-expert users can safely develop and deploy AI models to help truly scale responsible AI in an organization.

Additionally, H2O.ai announced updates to its new labeling tool for deep learning use cases called Label Genie, including zero-shot learning, support for audio uses, etc H2O.ai’s no-code deep learning engine, H2O Hydrogen Torch, has also received new updates to compare experiments, automate grid searching, and improve interpretability for NLP.

These innovations come less than 12 months after the company launched its Document AI product. H2O Document AI helps organizations quickly and accurately process documents and unstructured text data to increase productivity and find hidden information. H2O Document AI provides previously impossible automation by combining intelligent character recognition (ICR), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision and layout intelligence. The service has flexible, out-of-the-box document pre- and post-processing and integrates seamlessly into customers’ existing processes and workflows for structured and unstructured data.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia currently has hundreds of employees leveraging artificial intelligence using the H2O.ai platform in a wide range of use cases across the group. With Document AI, the bank has now extended its machine learning capability to incorporate scanned documents, with the ability to process millions of files using an array of custom-trained models that can be scaled to any size. any format or use case.

The bank explained how Document AI was used to augment the existing customer onboarding (KYC) approach, a heavily manual process that relies on large volumes of scanned documentation. Leveraging AI to process such volumes of unstructured data can transform the process at scale, reducing human error, improving accuracy, and providing a better customer experience.

“In order to better serve our customers, we must continually seek to modernize systems and ensure that we are leveraging the world’s best-in-class technology,” said Dr. Andrew McMullan, director of data and analytics at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. “Through our partnership with H2O.ai, we are unlocking the enormous potential of AI to deliver better services and experiences to our customers and communities.”

H2O.ai is firmly committed to democratizing AI to improve the world through its AI 4 Good initiative. The company focuses on education, conservation and healthcare to improve the world. As part of the H2O World agenda, Tanya Berger-Wolf spoke about the conservation nonprofit she co-founded, Wild Me. She noted the use of AI in support of the mission of the organization. The organization is focused on protecting the planet’s biodiversity with contributions from researchers, citizen scientists, automated cameras, and social media among users with varying degrees of data science expertise, further demonstrating commitment to democratize AI for all.

As the company returns to in-person events, it also hosted an H2O World in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 17 next week at AT&T.

For more information about H2O.ai’s H2O World event, the company’s Wizard tool, or its AI 4 Good work, visit https://h2o.ai.

About H2O.ai

H2O.ai is the leading AI Cloud company, whose mission is to democratize AI and drive an open AI movement worldwide. They focus on extracting insights from structured and unstructured data such as videos and documents with their award-winning products such as Hydrogen Torch and Document AI. Clients use H2O AI Cloud to quickly solve complex business problems and accelerate the discovery of new ideas. H2O.ai is the trusted AI provider to over 20,000 global organizations, millions of data scientists, and more than half of Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Citi, GlaxoSmithKline, Hitachi, Kaiser Permanente, Procter & Gamble, PayPal, PwC, Reckitt, Unilever, Goldman Sachs, NVIDIA and Wells Fargo are not just customers and partners, but strategic investors in the company. More than 30 Kaggle Grandmasters (the community of the world’s top machine learning practitioners and data scientists) are creators at H2O.ai. A strong AI for Good ethic to make the world a better place and responsible AI guide the company’s purpose. Join our movement at www.h2o.ai.

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