It's a big 'NO' to 'No Nut November' from men, experts are raising red flags around this internet challenge |  Health

It’s a big ‘NO’ to ‘No Nut November’ from men, experts are raising red flags around this internet challenge | Health

By Simran Sethi If you’re an avid social media user, you must have stumbled upon #NoNutNovember or #NNN on your Twitter and Instagram feeds this month. Wondering what these hashtags are about?

No Nut November (NNN) is an online challenge between men where they take an oath of sexual abstinence for one month. This challenge arises every year in November. This involves men giving up ejaculation for 30 days, which means no sex and no masturbation for a month! The origin of No Nut November is unclear. However, multiple reports suggest it all started in 2011, when Urban Dictionary user uploaded an entry for the phrase No Nut November. The user defined it as a challenge in which an individual must abstain from having sexual pleasure in the month of November.

Challenges on the internet can be fascinating, but it seems that this current “No Nut November” trend has failed to get a nod from many men. Asked Anil Arora, 26, about his views on NNN, he said: “If anyone offers me Rs 50 lakh to participate in this challenge, I will never accept it. I have a lifetime to earn Rs 50 lakh, but what good is money if I can’t satisfy my body.”

Ahmed, 43, married for 16 years, finds this challenge extremely “silly”. “No Nut November means nothing to me. It’s silly. India witnesses thousands of weddings in November alone, it would be disappointing and unfair to young men getting married this month if they start to meet this challenge,” he said.

According to Ahmed, “such challenges are best for men who have nothing to do in life.” “The person who issued this challenge must be a loner who wanted to generate more sad people on Earth (no offense),” he added.

Raj (name changed to protect interviewee anonymity), 27, has a similar opinion. “It’s a stupid challenge. And it’s about stopping human need because you want to challenge the internet. This movement was always meant to be satirical, but some idiots took it too seriously. It there is no reason to go all the way for a stupid challenge and one should not curb one’s basic instincts,” he said, strongly opposing the NNN challenge.

However, one Reddit user claimed that by participating in NNN he was able to get rid of his porn addiction. Another Reddit user claimed the NNN challenge helped him practice his self-control and claimed he was able to work out longer in the gym due to “higher energy levels”. The idea that men go without an orgasm for an entire month is quite debatable.

To better understand the health impact of No Nut November, we spoke to renowned sex coach Pallavi Barnwal. She described the NNN challenge as a “toxic trend”.

“No Nut November is a useless trend that does you no good. NNC is basically a countdown that keeps men going with nuts/orgasms for a long time. It’s a toxic trend because it makes men see orgasms as a sign of weakness which is grossly About the so called health benefits of high energy levels due to abstinence from cracking a nut i.e. masturbation there is no “There’s no scientific research to back this up. On the contrary, there are so many benefits to masturbation, including better sleep, better heart rate, reduced stress, and a big boost in feel-good hormones,” a she explained. Pallavi also explained how NNN distorts the perception of sexual pleasure.

“They show masturbation as a release but don’t talk about the pleasure you get from enjoying your own body. If you look at the posts, comments on Reddit or other social media forums, they show that masturbation is something why weak men fall in love and those who do not follow NNN lack self-control and are not real men.If one develops such a negative attitude towards sexual pleasure, it can lead to poor sexual health later in life,” she added. Nandini Bhardwaj, an RCI registered clinical psychologist, also accepted Pallavi.

“There is no proper scientific data that highlights the benefits of this challenge. All current research in this area is co-relational. The challenge may be related to the belief that sexual abstinence before athletic competition has helped performance. It may also be based on the theory that sperm retention is linked to increased testosterone and male virility,” said Nandini, who is also the founder of an e-clinic Wellnesque. , however, acknowledged that this NNN challenge can be beneficial for couples struggling with infertility.

“Temporary abstention can help increase sperm count…recommended for couples struggling with infertility. Sperm parameters increase when you have a little time between ejaculations,” she said . “It may also benefit people who consume excessive pornography, thereby desensitizing them to ‘normal’ sexual behaviors,” Nandini added.

Pallavi and Nandini believe that depriving yourself of sexual pleasure for a month in order to prove self-control to the web world is not a smart decision as it has side effects. “Men who have infertility problems are seen to temporarily refrain from ejaculating to increase sperm count. But a month-long challenge is not a scientifically verified habit. This whole sperm retention thing Even if you decide to go a month after this challenge, your body is still producing sperm and therefore needs a way to get rid of excess sperm from time to time.

“Holding it any longer will only swell the area. If you don’t intentionally masturbate for long periods of time, you can strain your pelvic floor muscles, causing pain and discomfort in your pelvic floor, testicles, urination excessive and constipation. If you have heard of the “blue balls” condition which occurs when a man is aroused for a long time without an orgasm. In “blue balls” the testicles hurt after being aroused for too long without ejaculation” , Pallavi explained. The NNN challenge is also harmful to mental health, according to Pallavi.

“There’s a lot of teasing and taunting during the challenge, some of it I personally had on my social account where the men said, a sexy pic of me breaks their #nnn resolve. You see, such notions are nothing but misogynistic and can have a severe impact on straight men’s relationships where they think all it takes is a #nnn aka sperm retention to boost a man’s virility and masculinity man. or you should feel guilty. In fact I’ve seen in forums that thousands of men diligently document their day to day progress and setbacks and someone who breaks the rules is considered a a fallen member. This leads to a lot of self-blame for the men who participate in the challenge to see it as an ultimate form of proof of their masculinity and not to see how superficial it is,” he said. she adds.

Advising men not to participate in the ‘NNN’ challenge, Pallavi added: “Please don’t be mad, that’s what I would say. Masturbation is an absolutely normal, natural and pleasurable activity. We are led to think that masturbation is a “bad habit”. ‘ It’s bad for your health, but in reality almost everyone masturbates, usually out of habit to calm down.” “Masturbation is really about learning to listen to your body because each of us has an innate libido. Ejaculation has benefits such as better prostate health, better sleep, hormonal balance, reduced stress, reduced inflammation. The guilt, fear and shame around masturbation is a social construct and science does not support these claims. There are many more ways to feel masculine than abstaining from pleasure. By participating in this challenge, you end up having a conflicted relationship with sex and your body,” she said.

In line with what the experts have to say on ‘No Nut November’, it’s safe to say that it’s important that people listen to their bodies and do what’s best for them rather than blindly following social media challenges. under peer pressure. (ANI)

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