GigXR integrates the ANIMA RES Insight series for 3D anatomy learning

GigXR integrates the ANIMA RES Insight series for 3D anatomy learning

November 16, 2022 – GigXR, Inc., a global holographic healthcare training provider, today announced the availability of the ANIMA RES Insight Series to provide hyperrealistic 3D anatomy learning to medical schools, colleges of nurses, healthcare providers, and government and defense agencies around the world.

ANIMA RES’ Insight Series offers precision-structured 3D models of the lung (Insight Lung), heart (Insight Heart), and kidney (Insight Kidney) to allow learners to see the impacts of conditions and diseases on organs affected. Delivered on the Gig Immersive Learning Platform – GigXR’s centralized hub for institution-wide immersive learning across all levels, programs and departments – the apps provide institutions and instructors around the world realistic, resource-efficient and scalable holographic anatomy content, according to the company.

With ANIMA RES’ Insight Series now integrated with the Gig immersive learning platform, instructors and learners can access apps using mixed reality headsets or any Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet, allowing them to view 3D models of the heart, lungs or kidneys. to observe precisely how each organ might be affected by various modes of disease.

  • Insight Heart shows the movements of a healthy heart or the stages, consequences and treatment of common heart problems including myocardial infarction (heart attack), atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. This is especially important because heart attacks are often misdiagnosed and all of these conditions need to be identified as early as possible.
  • insightful lung provides an in-depth overview of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and their effects on the lungs versus the healthy organ, helping learners understand the pathology behind each condition and weigh options appropriate treatment.
  • Insight Kidney creates a macroscopic to microscopic visualization of healthy kidneys or those affected by common and rare diseases such as CKD, aHUS, IgAN and C3G, giving learners detailed insight into the structural and functional changes caused by each pathology .

“Showing learners the precise functioning of organs in 3D and disease progression eliminates friction between students mastering anatomy and applying their knowledge to a real patient,” said ANIMA RES CEO Pablo Olmos. “Our partnership with GigXR gives us the springboard to expand our geographic reach to match GigXR’s global footprint and put our market-leading content in the hands of educators and learners around the world. Together, we aim to give learners the best tools to succeed throughout training and clinical practice.

We spoke with GigXR CEO Jared Mermey, who showed us a mixed reality demo of the ANIMA RES Insight Heart experience running on a Microsoft HoloLens 2 device. high quality, and shown on the GigXR platform, it was clear to see the value this integration will bring to those learning in medical institutions. It seems that mixed reality as a learning tool has now gone from a “nice to have” for medical education institutions to a “need to have”, especially for generations of students who were brought up with interactive digital tools. content and knowledge.

Each 3D organ model serves as a complementary 3D learning layer allowing instructors to bring together multiple holographic training applications, including those already provided by the immersive learning platform Gig. Additional GigXR applications include HoloScenarios, RunHuman and HoloPatient, which were created in partnership with medical education experts from the University of Cambridge NHS Foundation and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH), Northwest Permanente PC, University of Michigan and 3D4Medical by Elsevier. The company’s HoloScenarios platform was also recently featured as one of the ‘The best inventions of 2022.’

“Launching the Insight Series with ANIMA RES strengthens our ability to collaborate with leading mixed reality partners while providing healthcare institutions with the content and tools needed to scale high-quality, immersive learning in the whole of their program,” Mermey said. “The Gig Immersive Learning Platform makes it easy to integrate multiple immersive apps covering different health topics, so an instructor can use multiple apps seamlessly, even during a single lesson.”

The Gig immersive learning platform enables healthcare institutions to expand their use of immersive learning by enabling them to create a custom catalog of mixed reality applications that align with their education and training programs. All platform apps, including the ANIMA RES Insight series, share a series of features, including:

  • Centralized management from a dashboard;
  • Single sign-on with the same credentials;
  • Easy access to content via scanning QR codes;
  • Distributed learning among remote participants;
  • Holograms and animations shared in real time;
  • Creating and planning immersive learning sessions.

The ANIMA RES Insight Series, powered by the immersive learning platform Gig, is available for licensing starting today. To learn more about GigXR and its mixed reality medical education solutions, please visit the company’s website. website.

Image/video credit: GigXR / ANIMA RES / Vimeo / YouTube

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