Face of Rick and Morty

Face of Rick and Morty


With only a few days before the return of Dan Harmons and Justin Roilandit is rick and morty for the second half of its sixth season, Adult Swim was kind enough to share the chill open for the seventh episode, “Full Meta Jackrick” (which already offers a pretty hefty clue as to where it all happens), which recaps what happened earlier this season. Like when the duo met Jack the Ripper? Or did Summer announce she was pregnant? And when it rained meatballs? Or attend Jerry’s funeral? What about that time Rick and Morty helped Tony Hawk solve this murder? Of course you remember! If you don’t, that’s okay‚Ķbecause neither is Rick. And that poses huge problems as the duo get stuck in a “Previously On” trap that keeps them from moving forward. Yes, we know. Our head hurts too.

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So to get your brain bleeding ever so slightly, check out the following open cold for this Sunday’s throwback from rick and morty:

Rick and Morty season 6: 8 thoughts to keep in mind

1. Dr. Wong: The only thing better than the return of Susan Sarandon‘s Dr. Wong is the possibility of a Dr. Wong/Rick team-up, which appears to be the case. Mr. Goldenfold (Brandon Johnson) still has its problems, but apparently not as big as the ones Rick and his “friend” are dealing with. Although we’re still on the fence about whether or not this is an actual murder we’re considering (and it doesn’t look like Rick is interested in offering any specifics).

Theoretical alert: What if Dr. Wong was a plant of Evil Morty or Rick Prime to manipulate/obtain information about Rick, Morty and the family? Or that Dr. Wong was replaced after we first met her?

2. New travel portal? Ok, my first thought was that there was virtual reality written all over it and I’m going with that. But then, we can’t rule out another form of dimensional travel. Evil Morty has already proven that dimension jumping can take on more than one shape (or color), so could it be yet another? And does that bring them closer to one (or both) of our big bad guys?

3. Did we just see some “Teen Vindicators” die? While this may not signal the return of The Vindicators, it does appear to be “superheroes” accompanying Rick and Morty. In fact, they look like a bunch of teenage superheroes. Well, at least they were until this explosion leveled the playing field.

4. Housesitting for Mr. Nimbus? I would love for the latest deal Rick and Mr. Nimbus signed to include a clause that Mr. Nimbus could call on them to guard the house at any time – a responsibility that Rick assigns to Morty. And (of course) that would be the exact moment an octopus army would choose to attack.

5. Alien Frat Boy? The varsity jacket gives off some serious “frat boy” vibes, which would probably be part of the reason why the winged marvel doesn’t get along with our dimension-hopping duo. [UPDATE: Based on the clip above, looks like we were about 80% off on this one].

6. “The Lord of the House of the Dragon Rings: The Wheel of the Dragon Rings”? While it might be a bad read, we saw scenes in the throwback trailer that looked like we were going to get the show’s point of view on Amazon. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerHBO Dragon Housefrom Amazon The wheel of timeand more.

7. We get vibes S02E06 “The Ricks Must Be Crazy”: While there’s nothing there to say the two are related, the alien handing Rick the middle finger made me think back to the Stephane Colbert– featuring the second season episode when we learned that Rick had taught people who used the “microverse battery” powering his car that it was an honorable salute that meant “Peace Between Worlds”. Of course, Rick’s response was exactly what we could expect.

8. Amish Wildcard:Proving once again how f*****g with the timestream can have nasty implications, Rick laments that the Amish are becoming a nuclear power because of the implications this is about to have on the world. solar system. We consider this a “wildcard” as it could be a factor in a number of possible (or unlikely) scenarios we covered above.

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