ICHEC will host the National High Performance Compute and Data Ecosystem Symposium 2022 in Dublin

ICHEC will host the National High Performance Compute and Data Ecosystem Symposium 2022 in Dublin

November 17, 2022 — The Irish Center for High End Computing (ICHEC) has announced that the National High Performance Compute and Data Ecosystem Symposium 2022 will take place in Dublin from November 29 to December 2, 2022. The event will showcase the impact of HPC in academic research, business and the public sector.

Key Irish and European speakers will highlight how HPC and data-centric technologies enable research and innovation to improve the environment, society and economy. The four-day event will demonstrate research and innovation made possible through data analytics, modeling, simulation, artificial intelligence and other technologies. The symposium will focus on the use of data and digital platforms, solutions and services.

The objective of the symposium is to position Ireland’s national HPC and data infrastructure and its impact in a global context. “This conference will be a rare opportunity for us as a community to reflect on the growing importance of High Performance Computing (HPC) and related methods and technologies (Big Data/HPDA, AI/DL, Quantum, etc.) for research and innovation in Ireland. The program will bring together an impressive array of speakers, including academic researchers from across the Irish higher education sector as well as industries (large and small) and representatives from departments, agencies and other public bodies” , said the director of ICHEC, Professor J. -C. Desplat.

Developed countries have repeatedly invested in HPC, but Europe and Ireland are far behind. Since 2018, the EuroHPC joint venture has conducted a coordinated approach and it is now showing benefits. Day one will outline what we have achieved, how to take advantage of the infrastructure (in Ireland and wider Europe) and outline ICHEC’s ambitious plans. Day 2 focuses on the impact of high performance computing and data services in academic research. The strategic impact of HPC will be discussed by national agencies, the Higher Education Authority, Science Foundation Ireland and HPC experts from the UK, the Netherlands and Czechia. HPC-enabled research projects in areas such as astrophysics, quantum computing and materials science will then be presented. Day three focuses on the private and public sectors, starting with a session featuring multinational corporations, SMEs and Enterprise Ireland on growing the HPC ecosystem to ensure access for all businesses. Finally, a workshop on digital twins for the environment will be held on day 4, with the EC Destination Earth initiative presented by European and national agencies and a discussion on the opportunities and challenges of developing digital twins.

A detailed tentative program and speaker biographies are available on the website.

About the Irish Center for High End Computing (ICHEC)

ICHEC, Ireland’s High Performance Computing Authority, helps Ireland realize the benefits of high performance computing, creating breakthroughs in science, economic development and evidence-based policy . Our unique services include: providing expertise, training and support to local businesses and SMEs, supporting academic researchers in Ireland and Europe, and working with government agencies and local authorities to translate data into knowledge. This means we provide solutions to some of the toughest challenges in the public, academic and corporate sectors in Ireland. Established at the University of Galway in 2005, ICHEC’s mission is to deliver complex IT solutions in partnership with Irish higher education institutions (HEIs), business and the public service on behalf of the state. ICHEC operates from offices at the University of Galway and Dublin city center and employs over 40 people. ICHEC helps researchers bring new solutions to today’s complex scientific and social challenges, provides essential data analysis to public service organizations and supports SMEs by optimizing data challenges.

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