Celential.ai Appoints Wendi Zhang as VP of Business Development and Operations to Lead Strategic Growth and Help Fill Tech Talent Gap

Celential.ai Appoints Wendi Zhang as VP of Business Development and Operations to Lead Strategic Growth and Help Fill Tech Talent Gap

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Despite headline-grabbing layoffs, shrinking recruiting budgets and uncertain hiring plans, one thing ultimately remains true in the tech recruiting space: there are still thousands of tech jobs open and top tech talent is always looking for the next rocket to join in the future.

At a critical time for the technical recruitment industry, Wendi Zhang brings over 10 years of business leadership and operational excellence to the Celential.ai leadership team. In this role, she will expand Celential’s strategic partners to help companies effectively meet their technology talent needs. Zhang will also lead business and people operations, driving positive changes in internal organization and culture.

Zhang joins Celential at a time when most companies still rely on traditional recruiting methods, such as job boards or professional networks, to connect with tech talent, the majority of whom are passive and unresponsive. Building a strong pool of passive candidates requires a combination of deep recruiting expertise and effective tools — both are hard to come by, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Celential.ai is dedicated to solving technical recruitment challenges with its AI-powered, human-in-the-loop talent sourcing solution. It allows recruiting teams large and small to efficiently access high-quality passive candidates without any learning curve. In doing so, Celential also helps talents maximize their career potential by presenting them with their best next step. Zhang’s track record of successful business development at Google, Gradient Ventures and early stage startups positions her as the ideal leader to accelerate the joint impact of Celential and its partners in revolutionizing the technical recruitment process.

“When we first spoke with Wendi, we knew she was the missing piece to expand our network of partnerships and accelerate our business,” said Andrew Dong, co-founder and CEO of Celential.ai. “She will be a crucial part of our success as we meet the rapidly growing demand from companies focused on keeping their hiring processes lean and adaptable to today’s market and beyond.”

Prior to joining Celential, Zhang led several early-stage startups to market and was a business development partner at Google’s AI-focused Gradient Ventures fund, where she advised portfolio companies on their business strategy. and helped them win partnerships and sales. deals with Fortune 500 companies. She also led partnerships for different parts of the Google Devices & Services team and worked closely with developers and engineering leaders.

During his time at technology companies of all stages and sizes, Zhang witnessed engineering and personnel managers devoting significant time and resources to technical recruitment and realized that the whole process was very inefficient.

“What Celential does is brilliant and addresses key business and talent issues,” Zhang said. “By applying machine learning models to well-defined processes within technical procurement, Celential has been able to develop incredibly deep domain expertise that unlocks a comprehensive view of talent and business beyond a CV or an online profile. He is then able to apply this knowledge to activate these talents through highly personalized outreach that generates positive responses well above the industry average. Celential is transforming the way innovative companies and great people can meet, and that inspires me a lot. »

About Celential.ai

Celential.ai offers an AI-powered, human-in-the-loop talent sourcing solution that creates strong pipelines of technical candidates ready to be interviewed within a week. It matches mutually matched candidates with hiring companies from its talent graph of more than 10 million tech talents in the US, Canada and Latin America, with plans to expand its coverage to more. other regions in demand in the near future. It also engages qualified candidates using automated, hyper-personalized outreach at scale and provides interview-ready candidates on demand. Celential eliminates the vast majority of manual sourcing work for recruiting teams, while giving them the flexibility to scale instantly. The solution has helped build engineering teams at hundreds of startups and industry-leading companies.

For more information, visit www.celential.ai.

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