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“Revengers” Avengers Hulk Knock Off Has Internet In Dots

Ashley Klein

Posted: Nov 18, 2022, 10:36 AM

Smashing or not, the internet was in shock as an image of a counterfeit Hulk figure went viral due to its poor character design and hilarious reactions.

Over the past decade, the popularity of licensed merchandise has grown enough to allow Marvel to engage with its audience and retain its brand equity. Thanks to various partnerships and collaborations, including Funko, merchandise based on its featured characters in Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been a huge drawing card.

Especially since limited editions are sold exclusively at retailers or conventions, everyone wants to get a memento of their favorite Marvel characters. Sadly, however, this has also seen the rise of gruesome and hilarious counterfeit products, which have caught the attention of many fans online.

A Twitter account called Weird Counterfeit Designs (@offbranddesigns) is dedicated to uploading counterfeit brand images, through submissions sent privately by its subscribers. As a result, on November 15, 2022, the account posted a photo of what appears to be an action figure of Marvel’s jade-colored glowing hero, The Incredible Hulk.

The difference is that this isn’t an action figure of the Hulk, but an oddly designed variant called The Incredible Fella. Though the account didn’t reveal who hilariously submitted it. breaking image of the action figure, it’s obvious that it hasn’t been given much thought, nor has it complied with copyright laws.

Nonetheless, it had Twitter bursting into a frenzy of hilarity, and the responses were sublime at best. A follower replied to the message, explaining“Endless Tussle was probably the best experience I’ve ever had at a movie theater. He was definitely an amazing guy.”

the incredible hulk toy knocks down twitter close up distorted image
The rather distorted knockoff image of The Incredible Hulk has the internet cracking up and jokes online. (Photo: Twitter/Strange Knock-Off Designs)

Another follower took advantage burn another big brand’s merchandising compared to the image used to promote the figurine. “The image appears to have been made with WWE games.”

Speaking of WWE, the brave Twitter users decided to specifically target a former WWE wrestler, comparing them to the image provided on the box. “Why is he a modified Dwayne Johnson model not rendered?” a user commented while another fanned the fire by tweeting“Why does the first slide look like the rock from a PS2 WWE video game?”

the incredible hulk toy brings down twitter revengers endless battle line characters
Another Twitter user shared an image of the back of the packaging, revealing counterfeit toys of other Marvel characters. (Picture: Twitter / Fausto)

Finally, a The Twitter user shared an image from the back from the figure’s packaging, revealing knockoffs of other figures in the Revengers Endless Tussle line. This includes knockoffs of Guardians of the Galaxy member Rocket Raccoon, with the Twitter user captioning the image, “Feel the wrath of Regular Racoon!”

Regardless, users continue to snap photos of the figure while comparing it to popular culture, providing comic relief despite the dark cloud hanging over the platform. Whether we’ll see The Incredible Fella appear online is anybody’s guess; for now, you can see him in Revengers Endless Tussle alongside his castmates in select stores around the world.

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Image courtesy of Marvel Studios & Twitter / Strange Knock-Off Designs.

Written by Ashleigh Klein

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