warzone 2 DMZ stronghold key

How to find a Warzone 2 DMZ Stronghold key

You’ll need to find a Warzone 2 DMZ Stronghold key if you want to clear those enemy AI bases full of loot and useful gear. To access it you will first need to get a key and then use it to get inside. The all-new Warzone 2 DMZ mode is a complex beast, full of new systems to learn and while the fundamental gameplay and feel are all similar to Warzone 2, DMZ plays very differently to the battle royale you might be used to – instead of just surviving on the Al Mazrah map, you have to acquire gear and mine with it, which is a lot Easier said than done. We can show you where to find a Stronghold key in DMZ that will give you a head start in this Warzone 2 mode.

How to find a Warzone 2 DMZ Stronghold key

Warzone 2 DMZ Fortress Key

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There are several ways to get your hands on a DMZ Stronghold Key, but one method is definitely easier than others – most players just stumbled upon it by taking out enemy AI., which works fine, but is inconsistent since the key drops randomly. This method is difficult to use because you will never know if and when an enemy will drop a key, so we recommend an alternative.

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