Biden at 80: A 'respecter of destiny' is considering a second run for the White House

Biden at 80: A ‘respecter of destiny’ is considering a second run for the White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — People in their 80s are running countries, creating majestic art and performing feats of endurance, with one even climbing Mount Everest. It’s almost time for Joe Biden, 80 on Sunday, to decide if he still has a mountain to climb – that of a second term as president.

Questions are now swirling over whether he has what it takes to return to the top.

The oldest president in US history, Biden is celebrating his milestone birthday at a crossroads, as he and his family must decide in the coming months whether to announce his re-election.

Biden’s aides and allies say he intends to run. Yet the president himself may seem equivocal. “My intention is to race again,” he said at a press conference this month. “But I’m a big acceptor of fate.”

“We’re going to have discussions about that,” he said. Aides expect those conversations to resume over the holidays, with no decision until 2023.

To watch Biden at work is to watch a leader tap into a reservoir of knowledge accumulated over half a century in public service as he draws on deep personal connections at home and abroad, his mastery of politics and his familiarity with the workings of Washington. In short, the wisdom of the elderly.

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