Avoid Twitter?  Try These Interest-Based Discord Servers

Avoid Twitter? Try These Interest-Based Discord Servers

Are you watching of an alternative to Twitter since Elon Musk acquired it? Some social media users have switched to Mastodon, a decentralized option with similar structures. For anyone who takes those Twitter fingers off and feels ready to try something different, Discord is another great choice.

Unlike Twitter, Discord is split into interest-based servers with no shared streams. New to the platform? Go read Boone Ashworth’s fantastic guide to Discord with tips to help you get started and navigate the platform without discomfort. Even after understanding the basics, it can be difficult to find that first server with a community that shares your interests.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some Discord servers worth checking out:

  • Mid Road: Next year, generative artificial intelligence will remain one of the most fascinating developments in technology. Want to create your own AI-generated art? Join the massive Discord server for Midjourney, a tool that uses AI to turn text prompts into four images. After reading the server rules, jump into a labeled channel beginners. Midjourney offers about 25 free queries. Instead of going with the very first thought that pops into your head, consider browsing the other channels to see active threads and keyphrases that other AI-assisted creators are using. Hooked? Keep using the tool with a monthly subscription to Midjourney starting at $10 per month. Remember that DALL-E, another AI image generation tool, is now available for everyone.
  • Spacecord: Have you ever stayed up late to watch a meteor shower? Fascinated by NASA’s successful asteroid collision? You might want to head over to the Spacecord server. The channels cover everything from space exploration to amateur astronomy. Visit the #topic-of-the-week channel to discuss issues such as democracy in space and the hypothetical Planet 9. Looking for something a little more general? The Science and Technology server might be a good place to start.
  • r/Apple: Oh, are you also a fan of gadgets and gadgets? Consider taking a look at the r/Apple and r/Google Discord servers. These servers are not affiliated with the companies mentioned; they are an extension of the communities formed on Reddit. People rooted in the Apple ecosystem can ask for buying advice and give feedback on the latest iOS updates.
  • r/Google: On the Pixel team? Grateful for this Stadia refund? The r/Google server might be the place for you. On this server, Google users and device owners can post the latest IO presentation and request technical support from the community. It even includes a feed of the company’s Twitter messages.
  • Coding world: If you are curious about programming and want to learn more about how to code, check out the World of Coding server. The channel’s topics cover specific programming languages, like Rust and JavaScript, as well as broader issues, like cybersecurity.
  • Buildapc: Whether you’re building an elaborate setup or just tinkering with the hardware, PC enthusiasts can feel right at home on the Buildapc Server. It’s a great hub to discover new building tips and show off your masterpiece.
  • Nerdforge: Do you like to get into other DIY projects? You can connect with people with similar interests in the Nerdforge server, an extension of a YouTube channel with the same name. Paint the perfect miniature or knit a cute hat? Show it in the #share-your-projects channel.
  • Whatever game you play: Discord remains a paradise for gamers. You can join a big server to discuss most mainstream games, like elderberry ring Where Pokemon. Or you can be part of a small community formed around an indie game, like Lonely Mountains: Descent. Happy with the upcoming release of star field? Check out the Bethesda Game Studio server, where you’ll also find channels to chat Ancient Scrolls and To fall franchisees. Of Call of Duty at Worship of the Lambchances are that any game you’re obsessed with has an active server.

Yes, a lot of communities revolve around video games, but that’s not all. Try searching for a community based on one of your hobbies, like plants or 3D printing. Although there is no server for everything, the selection is wider than you might initially think.

If you can’t find a server that piques your interests, your best option might be to set up a new Discord server. It’s easy to cultivate an invite-only space for your expat Twitter mutuals! It’s much nicer than alternatives, like Zoom, when it comes to hanging out digitally and connecting with friends. For tools to keep your little corner of the internet safe and fun, check out WIRED’s roundup of the best Discord bots.

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